August 22, 2013, by Graham Kendall

Do conservation scientists work too hard?

I’m not quite sure how Ahimsa does it.

Okay, you get to work with elephants and you get a few pictures of these cute creatures and it’s not surprising that the media is interested and come banging on your door.

Just for a change though you write an article that says how hard your sector works and that article goes global! Does the media not realise that there is not a cute animal waiting to be photographed?

I think I need to reflect on the type of things I can write about and then make friends with our Public Relations team. Alternatively, I might just talk to Ahmisa to get his advice!

Seriously though, good work and published in a very good quality journal.

Ahimsa: Working too hard?

Ahimsa: Working too hard?

If you are interested in whether conservation scientists work too hard, take a look at the article and also the University of Nottingham’s press pages.

Finally, if you’d like an article you have written presented on this blog, then send me some text, the DOI and a suitable picture.


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