August 7, 2013, by Graham Kendall

Seeking Researcher Profiles

As this blog matures, we are starting to spread the word beyond just UNMC. We have recently been featured on the University’s Press Release blog and we regularly email posts to our colleagues in the UK and China about posts which might be of interest to them. In addition, the blog is now recognised as a blog on the main University web site. Indeed, being a University of Nottingham blog, it is accessible to anybody who cares to look at it.

Given that the blog has a global profile and, perhaps more importantly, is accessible by colleagues in the UK and China, we would like to put up some staff profiles so that if anybody is looking for a collaborator they might track you down via this blog.

If you would like to be featured on a blog post, please send something to me ( and we’ll post something.

You need to provide the exact text that you want to be in the post (we are not proof readers). You also need to provide a suitable picture(s). We cannot publish a post without an image.

You might want to be imaginative in the way you present yourself (rather than just a (possibly) bland profile). As an example, we have a categorey called What is, ans another that looks at A Week in the life of (and as well as Researcher Profiles, we’d welcome more contributions to these).

Any profiles that we post will be accessible via the Researcher Profiles category of this blog.


Header image: Akhenaten Skull Profile (downloaded from Google, 8 Aug 2013, labelled as free to reuse)

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