July 5, 2013, by Graham Kendall

Nottingham Global Network 2013, Binus University, Indonesia

Last year, we held the first Nottingham Global Network (NGN). For the second NGN, we moved from Malaysia to Indonesia, hosted by Binus University, Indonesia (1-2 July 2013). We’d like to thank our friends at Binus for hosting, and arranging, such a well run and informative event.

The aim of this network is to bring together some of our partners to enable more face-to-face discussion than might otherwise be possible.

Rather than write a post ourselves, it’s probably best it I just hand over to our Press Office colleagues, as well as some of the other coverage that the event received.

  • A blog post from the University of Nottingham Press Office (this was last years event at UNMC, just to set the scene)
  • A Press Release on the this years event (this press release was picked up by various news outlets, for example myScience)
  • This was the Binus home page for the event

Other links that night be of interest are:

  • Knowledge Without Borders (… and their blog)
  • A link to our International Office. Lots of interesting links and items of interest, including a very informative video (from Nov 2011) from Christine Humfrey and Christine Ennew on Internationalisation and Trans National Education.

Here are some photographs of the event. This is just a small selection and if anybody else has any, I’d be happy to upload them to this collection (graham.kendall@nottingham.edu.my).

The third event is already being planned, possibly in India.

Header Image: Nottingham Global Network 2013, Binus University, Indodesia – (left to right): Varrtika Mudaliar, Chris Ennew, Sara Winstone, Graham Kendall, Helen Foster


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