June 17, 2013, by Graham Kendall

British Council Funding for International Workshops

We have just received this:

Call for experienced researchers to propose themes for international workshops

The British Council, together with partners around the world, has just launched a new initiative to link together early career researchers from the UK and selected partner countries, through a series of workshops and travel grants. ‘British Council Researcher Links’ will provide funded opportunities for researchers from the UK and internationally to interact, learn from each other and explore opportunities for building long-lasting research collaborations.

We are now inviting leading researchers to propose themes for bilateral workshops between the UK and one of the 18 partner countries. The successful workshop coordinators will have the opportunity to shape the programme, identify contributors and select early career participants for the workshop, discuss their research, and build valuable international relationships.
Initially the countries involved are: Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Morocco, Egypt, Qatar, South Africa, Nigeria, Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam and Bangladesh. Other countries may be brought in subsequently.

The details and application form can be found on the website:
For enquiries, please contact: UK-researcherlinks@britishcouncil.org<mailto:UK-researcherlinks@britishcouncil.org>

Dr Claire McNulty

Director of Science


If you are interested the main University contacts are:

Initial enquiries should be directed to myself  david.j.crowley@nottingham.ac.uk with copy to our new APVC for Africa and the Middle East  farouk.shakib@nottingham.ac.uk

in respect of the following  countries;

Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Qatar, South Africa, and Turkey.


For information my colleague;   maeve.fitzpatrick@nottingham.ac.uk

Will be handling enquiries relating to;

Brazil, Colombia, Mexico,




will deal with;

Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, South Korea. Thailand and Vietnam


And finally   matthew.rackley@nottingham.ac.uk   will handle Russia.

Please note: Before you do a lot of work, you might want to check with one of the colleagues above to see if a UNMC person can apply. Failing that, you might want to try and link with a UK colleague, get them to lead it with your active involvement.


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