May 28, 2013, by Graham Kendall

Asian Institute of Finance Research Fund

This email was recently circulated to all staff but we thought it was worth circulating again.

Dear Dr Nafis,

Asian Institute of Finance (AIF) is offering a research fund to qualified researchers to conduct a study on “Green technology financing as the new growth area”.

Evaluation Criteria

The research proposal will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Academic and technical qualifications of the researcher(s).
  • Proven track record or experience of similar task and/or project.
  • The research methodologies proposed.
  • Research plan makes effective use of the 3-month period.
  • Quality of the research proposed based on the stated research objectives, scope and expected outputs and results.


The deadline for the submission of research proposals is 10 June 2013 (note: on the attachemnets (see below), the deadline is different. If you are going to apply it would be sensible to check on the deadline before putting in a lot of work)

Scheduled start date is 1 July 2013.

Scheduled completion date is 3 months from the date of project commencement.

All interested parties are encouraged to submit their research proposal(s) on the above research areas by email as a PDF attachment to following a fixed format as attached. Enclosed also is the Guidelines for AIF Research Fund Scheme for your reference.

The relevant documents you require are the GT_2013_Guidelines Research Fund and 2013_RESEARCH FUND APPLICATION.

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