April 19, 2013, by Graham Kendall

Dr Joanne Lim appointed as visiting senior research fellow at the National University of Singapore

Assistant Professor Dr Joanne Lim has been appointed as visiting senior research fellow at the National University of Singapore. The three-month fellowship will commence in October this year. Joanne will join the university’s Asia Research Institute’s Cultural Studies Research Cluster led by Professor Chua Beng Huat. Currently leading a Ministry of Higher Education Fundamental Research Grant Scheme project on ‘Social Media and Youth Agency in Malaysia’, Joanne’s work in Singapore will involve further engaging with data obtained from the project to inform an extended research project on social media, youth identities and cultural participation amongst young adults in Singapore (with further plans to explore youth cultures within the wider Asian region).

A vast amount of research has been conducted to explore and discuss the ‘culture of participation’ made possible via the Internet advocating social media as tool for political, civic, and community engagement. Nonetheless, there needs to be further analysis into what is being created, co-created, disseminated and shared. A closer look into content alongside notions of the produser/ prosumer will inform our understanding of how young adults use these new cultural forms in the processes of integration and disintegration, globalization and localization. The study will also consider how these sites are projected as spaces of culture and identity, as platforms to establish localized arenas for public debate and cultural expression and to function, more importantly, as meaningful (local) public spheres. Explored through various satirical and entertainment-like forms of expressions on social media, the project will make recommendations for an alternative model in exploring the contents, conditions and possibilities of youth identities as expressed in cyberspace.

Joanne Lim

Joanne Lim

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