March 28, 2013, by Graham Kendall

How would you like to promote your paper in a five minute video

Many thanks to Mike Steven, who forwarded me this.

I am delighted to introduce a new complimentary service that we are offering to authors and readers of Remote Sensing of Environment: AudioSlides.

AudioSlides are short, webcast-style presentations that are shown next to your article on ScienceDirect. This new format provides you with the opportunity to explain your research in your own words, helping readers to understand what your paper is about and appreciate its relevance.

Features and Benefits:

  • Promote your work, give readers an introduction or share additional insights into your paper
  • AudioSlides presentations are made freely available and can be embedded on your own website
  • Use an easy-to-use website that helps you create your AudioSlides presentation from slides and voice-over audio recordings
  • Did we mention it’s free?

What authors will need to do:

When your next article with Remote Sensing of Environment is accepted for publication, you will receive an invitation email to create an AudioSlides presentation. This email contains a personal link that allows you to register yourself with the AudioSlides Authoring Environment and get started right away.

I would like to encourage you to explore this new feature and look forward to seeing your AudioSlides presentation with your next publication.


If you want to see an example, take a look at this link.

I’m not sure whether Elsevier plan to extend this to other journals, or whether other publishers will follow this initiative, but I think that it is interesting.


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