March 26, 2013, by Graham Kendall

PsyFile: More Videos from Brady Haran

We have recently started a series that features various videos, where Brady Haran is the man behind the camera.

I have just come across another set of videos that focus on Psychology (PsyFile). At the time of writing there are only six videos in the series, but I am sure that more are on the way.

We’ll feature these videos as part of our video series, which includes videos on Molecular Videos, Periodic Table of Videos, Numberphile and Deep Sky Videos.

Although PsyFile does not include researchers from Nottingham, we still think that it is a nice project that is worthy of further dissemination; especially as the University of Nottingham has a strong School of Psychology.

You can view all the videos we have published in this series by using the PsyFile Videos link (this is a link to all posts tagged with PsyFile Videos)

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