February 5, 2013, by Graham Kendall

Social Media: What to keep an eye on

In this post, we give a few people/sites that you might be interested in keeping an eye on. In a future post, we might look at some of the tools that are around to enable you to bring all your social media activity under one umbrella so that you can more easily get an overview of the important feeds.


The University of Nottingham (UK) blogs are an excellent way of keeping up to date with what is going on in the University. We try to disseminate a few items on this blog, but we cannot do justice to the amount of material that is generated each week. It might be worth bookmarking the UK blog platform as well as the recently introduced UNMC Blog Platform.

Of particular interest to UNMC is this blog (which I know you read avidly every week!) and the Knowledge Without Borders blog.

I know that some more UNMC blogs are planned and if you are interested in creating a blog aimed specifically at UNMC then Marissa Parkin (kzzmap@exmail.nottingham.edu.my) is the person who can best advise you.

Another blog that is interesting to keep an eye on, is the Guardian Higher Education blog. This often has interesting pieces that are relevant to us.

No doubt there are any more blogs that people read. Let us know (post a comment to this post) and we’ll consolidate them and post the definitive list in a future post.



I know of a few people on campus who tweet regularly (on work related issues, we are not so interested in twitter feeds that are non-work related). The list below is far from comprehensive and if you know of other UNMC people who tweet regularly, let us know (post a comment) and we’ll consolidate the list for a future post.

If there are other social media feeds that might be of interest (face book pages?), let me know and we’ll start to maintain a comprehensive list.

Final Note:  We have set up a Social Media category, in case you want to see all posts on this subject.

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