January 21, 2013, by Graham Kendall

Our affiliation is ….

Following a recent post where we asked what you thought your affiliation was, we discussed this matter at a recent Research Strategy Committee meeting.

We decided that we should use “University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus” as our affiliation.

From this point forward, can you ensure that you use this affiliation when submitting papers. We will update the Research and Knowledge Transfer Handbook to reflect this.

Note, we have not gone down the route of stating the exact form of the complete affiliation/address as it will differ between Schools, Departments and Faculties and it it may not be possible to follow any prescribed form, depending on the paper/book you are submitting to.

Just to give you some background to this. We were trying to find all of our papers in Web of Knowledge and Scopus. This was proving difficult for a number of reasons, not least of all that we do not all give our affiliation using a common form. If we all do this (and we realise that it will take a while to propagate through the various search engines) we will be much better placed in the future.


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