January 14, 2013, by Graham Kendall

A good start to 2013 on publications

As we enter 2013, and I do my usual trawl around Web of Science and Scopus trying to prepare for the MyRA return, it is interesting to see that we already have  a number of publications in 2013. In fact as of 10th January, we have published 24 articles according to ISI and Scopus.

I have listed them below and I am sure we all hope they are just the start of many more as the year progresses.

  1. Ali, A., Maqbool, M., Alderson, P.G., Zahid, N. Effect of gum arabic as an edible coating on antioxidant capacity of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) fruit during storage (2013) Postharvest Biology and Technology, 76, pp. 119-124.
  2. Cheng, X., Ismail, H.M., Ng, K.H., Gan, S., Lucchini, T. Effects of fuel thermo-physical properties on spray characteristics of biodiesel fuels (2013) Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, 191 LNEE (VOL. 3), pp. 117-126.
  3. Chew, I.M.L., Foo, D.C.Y., Bonhivers, J.-C., Stuart, P., Alva-Argaez, A., Savulescu, L.E. A model-based approach for simultaneous water and energy reduction in a pulp and paper mill (2013) Applied Thermal Engineering, 51 (1-2), pp. 393-400.
  4. Chong, M.F., Chen, J., Oh, P.P., Chen, Z.-S. Modeling analysis of membrane reactor for biodiesel production (2013) AIChE Journal, 59 (1), pp. 258-271.
  5. Chong, M.F., Chen, J., Oh, P.P., Chen, Z.-S. Modeling study of chemical phase equilibrium of canola oil transesterification in a CSTR (2013) Chemical Engineering Science, 87, pp. 371-380. Article in Press.
  6. Choudhury, H.A., Choudhary, A., Sivakumar, M., Moholkar, V.S. Mechanistic investigation of the sonochemical synthesis of zinc ferrite (2013) Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 20 (1), pp. 294-302.
  7. Hassan, L.H., Moghavvemi, M., Almurib, H.A.F., Steinmayer, O. Application of genetic algorithm in optimization of unified power flow controller parameters and its location in the power system network (2013) International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems, 46 (1), pp. 89-97.
  8. Kasivisvanathan, H., Barilea, I.D.U., Ng, D.K.S., Tan, R.R. Optimal operational adjustment in multi-functional energy systems in response to process inoperability (2013) Applied Energy, 102, pp. 492-500.
  9. Kendall, G and Li, J Competitive travelling salesmen problem: A hyper-heuristic approach. (2013) Journal of the Operational Research Society, 64: 208-216
  10. Kendall, G., McCollum, B., Cruz, F.R.B., McMullan, P., While, L. Scheduling English football fixtures: Consideration of two conflicting objectives (2013) Studies in Computational Intelligence, 434, pp. 369-385.
  11. KlemeŠ, J.J., Kravanja, Z., Varbanov, P.S., Lam, H.L. Advanced multimedia engineering education in energy, process integration and optimisation (2013) Applied Energy, 101, pp. 33-40.
  12. Kolo, J.G., Ang, L.-M., Shanmugam, S.A., Lim, D.W.G., Seng, K.P. A simple data compression algorithm for wireless sensor networks (2013) Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, 188 AISC, pp. 327-336.
  13. Kumar, T.N., Lombardi, F. A novel heuristic method for application-dependent testing of a SRAM-based FPGA interconnect (2013) IEEE Transactions on Computers, 62 (1), art. no. 6109247, pp. 163-172.
  14. Nandha Kumar, T., Almurib, H.A.F., Chin-Ee, N. Fine grain faults diagnosis of FPGA interconnect (2013) Microprocessors and Microsystems, 37 (1), pp. 33-40. Article in Press.
  15. Ng, H.K., Gan, S., Ng, J.-H., Pang, K.M. Development and validation of a reduced combined biodiesel-diesel reaction mechanism (2013) Fuel, 104, pp. 620-634.
  16. Ng, H.K., Gan, S., Ng, J.-H., Pang, K.M. Simulation of biodiesel combustion in a light-duty diesel engine using integrated compact biodiesel-diesel reaction mechanism (2013) Applied Energy, 102, pp. 1275-1287. Cited 1 time.
  17. Sajab, M.S., Chia, C.H., Zakaria, S., Khiew, P.S. Cationic and anionic modifications of oil palm empty fruit bunch fibers for the removal of dyes from aqueous solutions (2013) Bioresource Technology, 128, pp. 571-577.
  18. Salim, S.M., Ong, K.C. Performance of RANS, URANS and LES in the prediction of airflow and pollutant dispersion (2013) Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, 170 LNEE, pp. 263-274.
  19. Tan, S.-J., Lim, K.-H., Subramaniam, G., Kam, T.-S. Macroline-sarpagine and macroline-pleiocarpamine bisindole alkaloids from Alstonia angustifolia (2013) Phytochemistry, 85, pp. 194-202. Cited 1 time.
  20. Tan, S.M., Ng, H.K., Gan, S. Computational study of crevice soot entrainment in a diesel engine (2013) Applied Energy, 102, pp. 898-907.
  21. Tang, S.Y., Shridharan, P., Sivakumar, M. Impact of process parameters in the generation of novel aspirin nanoemulsions – Comparative studies between ultrasound cavitation and microfluidizer (2013) Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 20 (1), pp. 485-497.
  22. Tang, S.Y., Sivakumar, M., Nashiru, B. Impact of osmotic pressure and gelling in the generation of highly stable single core water-in-oil-in-water (W/O/W) nano multiple emulsions of aspirin assisted by two-stage ultrasonic cavitational emulsification (2013) Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 102, pp. 653-658.
  23. Tang, S.Y., Sivakumar, M.A novel and facile liquid whistle hydrodynamic cavitation reactor to produce submicron multiple emulsions (2013) AIChE Journal, 59 (1), pp. 155-167.
  24. Yusoff, N., Huang, N.M., Muhamad, M.R., Kumar, S.V., Lim, H.N., Harrison, I. Hydrothermal synthesis of CuO/functionalized graphene nanocomposites for dye degradation (2013) Materials Letters, 93, pp. 393-396.
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