December 31, 2012, by Graham Kendall

MOHE Workshop and Proposals

You will recall an MOHE workshop that we held last year (details on other MOHE activity can be seen here and details of other workshop activity can be seen here).

The aim of the workshop was to give you more information about MOHE proposals and also for you to start thinking about your proposals a lot earlier than in previous years. You might also want to be reminded about the dates we are working towards.

You might also be aware that all MOHE proposals need institutional approval and MOHE are VERY keen that we only submit proposals that are of high quality. In order to do this, we have established a three stage procedure (as well as encouraging proposals to be thought about/written a lot earlier than previously).

  1. Workshop to disseminate good practice (this has been done)
  2. Faculty approval, via your faculty research committee (this is the same as last year)
  3. Research Management Committee Approval. This is a new stage (as requested by MOHE). This subset of the Research Strategy Committee will meet to consider all the proposals and decide whether the proposal is approved and can be submitted. We are building on enough time for revision

Hopefully, everybody who has been planning to submit a proposal to MOHE under an xRGS program are already well advanced in writing the proposal (as the deadlines are approaching and given the lead time we have had, we do not expect to extend any deadlines so you need to meet them else you will NOT get institutional approval).

If it is of any help, we have made the slides from the day (sorry it has taken so long). There are two presentations

  1. MOHE Research (by Emeritius Prof. Dato Dr. V. Navaratnam)
  2. Common shortcomings in research proposals (by Prof. Andy Chan)

available here (you’ll note that these are one an outside server at the moment, we will eventually put these on Workspace).

You might also be interested in some photographs taken on the day of the workshop.

MOHE workshop 2012 - delegates



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