December 23, 2012, by Graham Kendall

Starter for ten, fingers on the buzzers University of Nottingham

If you not spent much time in the UK, you may not have come across a TV programme called University Challenge but many of us will realise that it is almost a national institution (it has been running for about 50 years).

This piece, from Midlands Business News,  starts

Four prominent University of Nottingham alumni will do battle with alumni from Newnham College, Cambridge, on Friday night in a special Christmas edition of the famous television quiz show University Challenge.

The show, which normally sets teams of undergraduates from various universities against each other in a test of general knowledge, is this time turning its attention to famous former students. The programme has featured current University of Nottingham students several times in the past but this is the first …” (link to article)

… and details a slightly different format which has University of Nottingham representation.

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