December 20, 2012, by Graham Kendall

The end of journals? Open access, impact and the production of knowledge

There is a lot of debate at the moment about Open Access publishing and Warren Pearce (a PhD student) has written an interesting blog post as part of the University’s Making Science Public blog.

The post is motivated by the fact that research funding agencies are increasingly insisting that the research they fund is Open Access. That is, anybody can download the paper free of charge. This has forced publishers, and the scientific community, to consider how a new funding model may operate. In the main, the debate is still ongoing , but Warren’s post gives some items for thought.

You might also be interested in another post (Open access – what’s out there?), which was also published as part of the Making Science Public blog.


The header image is courtesy of, which has an article entitled Question Authority: Push For More Transparency In Scientific Journals

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