December 18, 2012, by Graham Kendall

Droning On: The MEME Project and ETH Zurich

You might be aware that drones are used in some of the research carried out at UNMC.

The drones, which took the pictures shown in the links below, were being flown as part of research conducted by the ETH Zurich, Ecosystem Management Group, who are studying the reproductive ecology of dipterocarp trees and forest Carbon storage. For more information contact Dr Chris J KettleĀ Chris has a nice web page, which explains more about the work he is carrying out (it includes even more pictures and some videos).

Courtesy of ETH Zurich, Ecosystem Management Groups

The pictures were taken on 30th Nov 2012, over Sabah, and are also being used to help the MEME (ManagementĀ  and Ecology of Malaysian Elephants) project. Follow these links to see the pictures from three flights carried out by the drone.

  1. Flight#1
  2. Flight#2
  3. Flight#3


Lim Wee Siong, Drone Specialist, UNMC


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