December 6, 2012, by Graham Kendall

We want your research news

This blog has many aims, which includes disseminating the world class research that is being undertaken at UNMC. So far, we have only had a limited number of reports in this area (for example see here), but this is because we have not made calls for your research successes. We have disseminated other research being carried out in the UK via Research Exchange, but we would like to feature more of the local research.

We are about to put this right now! If you have any research news that you would like to share with UNMC (and beyond) let us know and we will put it on this blog. The type of things we would be interested in (but not restricted to) include:

  • Securing of research funds
  • Publication of an influential paper/book
  • Giving a keynote/plenary talk at an international conference
  • A media activity that disseminates your research
  • Visits to important research centres
  • Visits by important scientists to UNMC

If you do send us information, please provide as much detail as possible (as we can only report what you send – we cannot go seeking out additional information), and also provide an image as we need something for the blog (it is a requirement that every post has an image, else you get a boring University of Nottingham logo).

If we report some research being carried out at UNMC we will put it under the category of Research at UNMC. This makes it easy to find all articles under this category.

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