November 28, 2012, by Graham Kendall

CFFRC Service Level Agreement has been signed

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) with CFFRC (Crops for the Future Research Centre) was signed last Thursday (22nd Nov 2012). This is an important step in the development of this exciting initiative and enables us to progress with the first set of PhD students. As you may know, the projects have all been agreed and we have been waiting for the SLA to be signed to release the funding. This is now possible and interviews/offers can now start.

As part of this important collaboration, all students working on a CFFRC project will become part of the CFFRC DTC (Doctoral Training Centre). We are still working on the details of the DTC, and colleagues in the UK and Malaysia are reviewing a draft document that we have drawn up.

As part of the DTC, we will be asking every student (along with supervisors, CFFRC and UNMC) to sign an MOA for each individual project. The MOA will outline all aspects of the project, including place of study, financial arrangements, project abstract, supervisory arrangements etc..

We hope to have this MOA ready in the next couple of weeks so that we can complete them post-interview/offer.


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