November 16, 2012, by Graham Kendall

The blog has a new home

You might recall that this blog actually started as a newsletter, but we quickly changed it to a blog (you can see the welcome message here). As we were still in the process of setting up blogs at UNMC, the blog was located off site, but the intention was always to locate it at the University of Nottingham when the resources were available.

That day has arrived and the blog has now been moved to the University of Nottingham and now forms one of its many blogs. All the previous entries are there. We do need to tidy it up a little as there are some slight differences in the versions of Word Press we were using. Or rather, there are some different features, mainly around the use of featured images. It will take a while to re-edit all the old posts, but the essential information is there.

If you are not aware, the university has a number of blogs. When you have a few minutes to spare they are well worth a look at.

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