November 1, 2012, by Graham Kendall

Confidence in Concept ‘Biomedical Catalyst’ awards scheme – internal competition. Deadline 30 November 2012

We have recently received the email below from the UK.

The University of Nottingham has received a £400k Confidence in Concept  ‘Biomedical Catalyst’ Award from the MRC to manage an internal competition that will fund high quality proof-of-concept studies in the areas of “Biomedical Imaging” and “Diagnostics and Biomarkers”.

Awards must be used to support investigations that are designed to make the transition from fundamental discovery science to a point along the clinical translational research pathway where the next stage of research and development can be supported by other externally funded schemes.

The MRC expects that individual projects funded will cost about £50-100k (80% FEC) and should be completed within 6 months.

Guidance notes and an application form can be downloaded from here:

  1.  CiC Guidance
  2. CiC Application

Any enquiries should be directed to Huw Jones-Jenkins ext 30043 or Sharon Crouch ext 32312.

We are unsure if UNMC can get involved (as it is funded from the UK’s Medical Research Council (MRC)), but if you are interested, please contact Huw or Sharon to make initial enquiries about eligibility and how you might get involved.

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