October 19, 2012, by Graham Kendall

E-Staff Profile

This is a copy of an email sent to all staff on the 19th Sep 2012, and followed up recently by IS.

Main message: Please make sure you update ESP with your publications by the end of Oct.

We will soon need to start thinking about our MyRA 2012 return. One of the areas that we need to make sure is up to date is the e-StaffProfile (ESP), particularly publications.

Could I ask that you ensure that you keep this aspect of ESP up-to-date (as well as being used for MyRA it is also used for various web sites, so it is worth keeping up to date anyway).

When you input a paper, as well as providing all the usual information (title, journal, vol, iss, page numbers etc.) could you also ensure that you input the DOI (if the publication has one) and also the ISBN and/or ISSN. These are important as:

  • The ISSN enables us to track the article back to the publication (which is not always possible just from the title), which enables us to ascertain its status with respect to ISI/Scopus.
  • The DOI enables us to find out citation information about the publication (i.e. how many times the paper has been cited).

We would like to do a first extract at the end of October, just to see how we are looking. Can you please ensure that your ESP profile is as up-to-date as it can be by that time?

There are some other aspects of ESP that we will be asking you to complete at a later date, which we hope will make the MyRA return a little easier to compile.

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