October 12, 2012, by Graham Kendall

EU Funding

Recently (10-14 Sep) a number of staff from UNMC visited the UK to estaiblish links with potential EU partners. This was done through an extensive week long workshop, accompanied by many (many, many) meetings. The UK team also provided considerable resoures/assistance (including meetings with our external consultant – Martin Pickard).

The aim of this initiative is to submit as many high quality EU proposals as we can, with UNMC involvement, in order to take advantge of the significant funds that are available at the end of the FP7 program. David Crowley has come back to work on these projects with the workshop participants. The information I have received is that there are many high quality proposals being worked on and if you atended the workshop we hope that you are able to submit a proposal, with UNMC as a partner. Moreover, David has reported that he is also working on projects with people who did not go to the UK, which is as welcome as it is unexpected. We’ll keep you up to date as to how many projects we actually submit to the EU FP7 program, but there is still the opportunity to talk to David is you want to. Please email him.

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