February 7, 2014, by Warren Pearce

Mike Hulme: Public Life of Climate Change, The First 25 Years

Hulme Feb14 poster jpgMike Hulme, one of Making Science Public’s Honorary Associates, joined us in Nottingham today for a workshop about the role of scientific expertise and consensus in public life. Mike also gave a public lecture at lunchtime, which attracted a multidisciplinary audience from within the university, as well as members of the public from beyond the campus gates.

The lecture reviewed the ‘public life of climate change’ since 1988, when Margaret Thatcher gave her Royal Society speech on ‘climatic change’ and James Hansen gave his famous testimony to US Congress. Mike used Dan Sarewitz’s notion of ‘The Plan’ (£) to tackle climate change through global CO2 reductions as a means of exploring this history. The lecture is introduced by Brigitte Nerlich, (Director, Making Science Public).

Have a listen:


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