September 18, 2012, by Molly

First year music student – can I Handel it?

It’s only been 7 weeks and already life as a fresher music student is jam-packed. Ensembles left, right and centre, socialising and going to concerts. As far as studying goes there’s reading about early music organum to Puccini’s Turandot and from second-species counterpoint to how music can be used as torture. It’s fair to say you get a variety of things to do and study here! I’ve really enjoyed the opportunities to perform in lunchtime concerts with Sax ensemble and Coro Sorelle and even a couple of weeks ago I (together with the other first year music students) put on the fresher’s extravaganza concert which was certainly an ‘extravaganza.’ (Re-enactment of the Lion King, Barbie Girl, Bruckner’s Locus Iste, Carmen – it was all there!)

In terms of ensembles to join there are so many! My first instrument is the recorder but I do play saxophone and clarinet too and there are chances to play all of those in ensembles. Even though there are many ensembles there’s nothing to stop you setting up small chamber groups! I’ll admit it as a first year it’s a little intimidating to go to the music department, first day, see all these great musicians and stand there like “oh I’m just a little fresher… what do I do!?!?” but everyone here is so friendly and let’s face it the music department is like one big family. I’ve really enjoyed the first few months of being a music student and I look forward to what the future has to bring.

Molly Gallagher

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