September 26, 2017, by International students

My phenomenal time at Nottingham

By Cecilia Aransiola, a Chevening Scholar (2016-17) from Nigeria who has recently completed her LLM in Human Rights Law at the University of Nottingham.

Though a year has gone by, the memories of my phenomenal time at the University of Nottingham remain indelible in my heart. It has been a year! A year of excellent academic teaching, a year of boundless support from staff, a year of building life skills and developing lifelong friendships in recognition of our common humanity as people of one human race. Studying LLM Human Rights Law at the University of Nottingham has been undeniably empowering and inspiring for me. A lifetime opportunity given to me to further hone my skills in human rights law and international development.

The University of Nottingham, an eminent field of learning where we nurture our dreams. An esteemed institution with professors, tremendously passionate about imparting knowledge and with rich experiences in their areas of expertise. Highly interactive seminar classes where you not only learn, but have your opinions heard and appreciated. Classes with diverse inspiring thoughts from students from across the globe. The classes do not end with University seminars alone, there were a host of guest speakers with insightful and motivational lectures in the field of human rights and development. The libraries across the University, edifices of knowledge streaming with plenitude of books, that you never run dry of academic materials.

As to extracurricular activities, you can’t run short of societies to participate in. There is always something that suits everyone’s interests. From sports to charities. For me, it was a great avenue to give back in altruistic services through my membership with various charity societies on campus like UNICEF, Oxfam, Amnesty, Anti-Slavery Society, Pro Bono and a host of others. The beauty of the University is a sight to behold. The alluring flowers, magnificent lake and captivating scenery. In the heat of studies, the astonishing landscape is indeed rejuvenating.

Though a year of postgraduate study has come to an end, my journey with the University of Nottingham continues. I remain a proud ambassador of the University and I hold on to the mantle bestowed upon me to be of selfless services to humanity. With the wholistic knowledge gained, I am grateful to God and exceedingly positive that I am better equipped to hold government and other stakeholders accountable in my advocacy for human rights compliant legislations and policies. Thereby, contributing my quota towards creating a just, equitable, and inclusive society where the rights of all are respected, protected, and fulfilled.

I thank the Chevening Scholarship and the University of Nottingham for the postgraduate scholarship. This scholarship was not just an opportunity for me to study for an LLM Human Rights degree, it is in reality an avenue to further promote and protect human rights in Nigeria and other places in Africa through my human rights advocacy and activism. I am optimistic that I have been spurred on to greater momentum in fulfilling my dreams in humility and diligent services to the women and children of Africa. The journey does not end here, the demand for justice continues. Indeed, this journey is about more than just a degree, it is about humanity and fundamental human rights!


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