January 30, 2017, by International students

Spring Term thoughts from a Chevening Scholar

By Cecilia Oluwafisayo Aransiola, from Nigeria, studying LLM Human Rights Law with a Chevening Scholarship.

It is the Spring Term, the springing forth of renewed energy to pursue our most cherished dreams.  Casting my mind back at the Autumn Term, it has been a phenomenal few months at the prestigious University of Nottingham. A dream come partly true! Nine weeks of profoundly insightful Human Rights Law seminars. It is amazing how much one could learn in a few weeks.

I sat through those Human Right Seminars, assimilating from abundant rivers of knowledge and enthusiastically giving to others from my fountain. From the modules of Economic and Social Rights, Law, Development and the International Community, International Human Rights Law and Regional Human Rights Law.  The erudite professors, ever so passionate to impart knowledge. The Hallward Library, an edifice for transmitting knowledge with a plethora of outstanding books. My pulse rate has tremendously increased, yearning to return home to Africa, to give back all I have learnt in improved services to humanity. Longing to use my newly acquired and sharpened skills to continue my fight for human rights and justice, until justice flourishes and peace stills the moon and it fails.

As we go through the Spring Term, we must never forget that our goal should be the advancement of humanity. Whatever course of study we undertake, our education should be to create a positive world of our dreams.  Who am I? What am I here for? Where am I going? We must continually evaluate our missions and visions as we journey through this reputable university and sojourn through life.

For me, I remain an indefatigable instrument of justice, of enlightening and empowering African women and children. I am here not for myself alone, but also for every child and woman in Africa. I am here to hone my Human Rights promotion and protection skills, for the emancipation of the marginalised and abused. I am here to improve in learning and skills to create a better world, where children and women can thrive without fear of violence or inhumane treatment. To influence positively, and contribute towards a better world for all.

I remain eternally grateful to God Almighty, The University of Nottingham for the Chevening Partner Scholarship and the British government for the Chevening Scholarship. I hold tenaciously the firm belief that every girl child has a fundamental right to education and I am here standing for every girl child. I am here because of our shared humanity. This scholarship is not just an opportunity to study for an LLM degree, it is in reality an avenue to further promote and protect Human Rights in Africa and the world at large. To create a sustainable, peaceful and just society where the rights of all are guaranteed and equal opportunities given for all to thrive.

I am not here by chance, it is certainly meant to be! I vehemently believe that at the completion of my degree at this esteemed university, I would have been further spurred on to greater momentum in my passion for Human Rights. This journey will not end here, we will continue to uphold and update each other, staff and students in fulfilment, attainment and impact. Indeed, this journey is about more than just a degree.  It is about humanity, justice and human rights!

Good luck to 2017 Chevening Scholarship applicants who are waiting to hear back about their applications or preparing for Chevening interviews.

Applications for Chevening Scholarships in 2018 will open in August 2017. Applications for The University of Nottingham’s international scholarships in 2017 are open now.

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