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Working as a clinical pharmacist in the UK

By Hnin Ei Phyu, from Myanmar, who studied MPharm Pharmacy at Nottingham during 2010-2014 and now works as a clinical pharmacist for Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

My graduation in July 2014

After spending four fabulous years at The University of Nottingham completing my MPharm degree, I had to choose where do I spend my pre-registration year and which area I would like to be in. Choosing a pre-registration place is not too easy; actually it is too competitive. I did my pre-registration year in Northern Ireland. Why Northern Ireland? I chose to be in Northern Ireland as a challenge. It was an exceptional year filled with all the challenges and full of surprise. Northern Ireland was a beautiful country after all, people there are so friendly and supportive. I decided to come back to England after I finished my pre-registration year in Northern Ireland since most of my friends are in England and my two course-mates had moved to Singapore.  I am now working as a qualified clinical pharmacist at Northumbria Healthcare.

I found that being a Nottingham graduate surely helped me with my job application. Hospital pharmacy has always been my area of interest where I would like to spend my time in. I would advise students who would like to work in the UK after studies to seek advice from the university, participate in university volunteering opportunities, and prepare job applications well ahead of time.

In the aseptics unit for chemotherapy preparation

Working as a clinical pharmacist is not an easy job. However, if you are in a place where you always want to be, it will be a reward. My role is to make sure all patients receive the right medicines at the right time at the right dose. It is always a pleasure to serve the nation with my knowledge.

My day-to-day job involves taking medication history and medicines reconciliation on admission, ensuring correct information regarding medicines is transferred to primary care on discharge, ensuring medicines safety on the ward by advising doctors regarding prescribing, formulary choice, route of administration, and liaising with nurses for correct supply and administration of medicines to patients. I am also involved in educating patients to optimise the use of medicines and to receive optimal benefits from their medications. It also involves releasing aseptically prepared intravenous chemotherapy for suitability to use in cancer patients.

My employer has also supported me with my future learning as I am now doing my two-year postgraduate diploma in clinical pharmacy to extend my clinical pharmacy knowledge and to fulfil my career goals. I also had a chance to attend conferences as part of my job role. I have been to the Clinical Pharmacy Congress in London in 2015, which gave me a chance to update my clinical knowledge and catch up with friends from university.

All in all, working in UK after studying has many opportunities to offer and I have always enjoyed working here.

My team at the Clinical Pharmacy Congress 2015

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