September 12, 2023, by Rebekah

Pro Bono Society – OutLaw Project

We are Anh Ngo and Eve Gunner, Second Year LLB Law Students and Co-Heads of OutLAW. The project is driven by the purpose to educate and inspire students to navigate career pathways and higher education opportunities, with a special focus on studying law, providing guidance for students, particularly those from underprivileged backgrounds.

Our journey with OutLAW began as volunteers in the project. We heard about the opportunity to promote ourselves through the OutLAW group chat and the Pro Bono society’s social media. The application process was straightforward, involving filling out a form that delved into our motivations and envisioned plans for our role as co-heads. Then we went through an interview process, where we elaborated on our ideas and tackled some situational questions.

Among the many rewarding aspects of our role, project management stood out. Organising events throughout the academic year challenged us to plan meticulously, which polishes our organisational and time-management skills. Additionally, our networking abilities are enhanced through interactions with schools and external supporters.

We have also enjoyed the ability to come up with new ideas, design our own presentations, organise meetings with one another to bring our ideas to life and socialise with new people. This has benefited us in a variety of ways. It has encouraged both of us to think outside of the box in order to cater specifically to our designated audience.

While our journey was fulfilling, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. One of the biggest challenges has been trying to gain the confidence to stand up in front of groups of students and speak. It can be really nerve wracking at times, especially if the group is fairly big. One way we have dealt with that is by supporting one another and reassuring each other that we will smash it. In addition, practice definitely does make perfect and the more that we have stood up and presented, the better that we have got at it.

Another challenge is coming up with ideas that are suitable for a broad range of age groups – our audience can range from year 9 through to year 13 which means that we must ensure that our presentations are relevant and engaging for everyone. One way we have risen to this challenge is by taking our time when coming up with ideas to ensure they are suitable as well as seeking opinions from teachers to help guide us on what may be more relevant for younger age groups.

To those considering a similar leadership role, we have got some insider tips. First and foremost, evaluate your commitment level before applying. A leadership role demands dedication, so ensuring that you’re ready to invest time and effort is crucial. Immersing yourself in the project’s work is equally important. This provides a nuanced understanding of the project’s dynamics, strengths, and weaknesses. As a result, your plans will be more detailed, realistic, and genuinely reflective of your care for the project.

If you’re interested in learning more about the work of OutLAW or the Pro Bono Society and keep yourself updated with opportunities, we encourage you to visit our society’s website or Instagram.

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