September 12, 2023, by Rebekah

Pro Bono Society – Amicus Project

by Raveena Desai, Head of the Amicus ALJ project for 2023-24 

I have just begun my second year of a three-year Law LLB degree am dedicated to spending my time to help create a positive on the world. The Amicus project can help those who want to make a change through contributing to a larger casework study which works with the end goal of abolishing the death penalty. The casework study includes finding discrepancies in the files of ethnic minority inmates who have been sentenced to the death penalty.

Creating a better society has always been something close to my heart so when I discovered Pro Bono Society at the fresher’s fair, I knew that I had to join. After attending the event which demonstrated each project the society had to offer, I selected Amicus as the one to get involved in. Any project in Pro Bono society is worth signing up to however, Amicus stood out to me due to the research skills that would be required. It felt incredible knowing that the work I was doing could actually be used to help change someone’s life. To get involved with the society, a written application is required to demonstrate your passion for the project and the skills you have to undertake the work.

To become the project head, I went through a similar process of the written application but also had an interview with previous heads. This was very informal and is not something to be scared about! It is there to make sure that you truly care about the work done and will be the best person to ensure the future success of the project.

The greatest challenge with this project is time management. The cases are usually files with over a hundred pages and it is very important to read each one thoroughly to find any mistakes. This can seem quite daunting however, allocating a specific amount of time an evening to the case and sticking to it can help manage your time better and ensure that your university work is also completed.

If anyone is considering a similar opportunity, my advice would be to make sure that you are passionate about abolishing the death penalty and tackling racial injustice. This will help motivate you as you tackle each case. Have a look at the Pro Bono website for further information.

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