March 13, 2024, by Joe

Hiya Patel- My Marketing and Insight Internship Experience

During my first semester of the third year at the University of Nottingham, I embarked on a transformative journey as a member of the Market Research & Insight Team within the External Relations department at the University of Nottingham. This opportunity arose alongside my studies in Industrial Economics, offering a unique blend of theoretical learning and practical application. Over the course of the semester, I dedicated 7 hours each week to collaborating with the team, both in the office and through hybrid working arrangements. This hands-on experience provided me with invaluable insights into the dynamic world of market research and insight, shaping my understanding of strategic decision-making within a university setting.


As I embarked on my internship journey with the Market Research and Insight team at the University of Nottingham’s External Relations department, little did I know about the transformative experiences awaiting me. Before diving into the internship, I anticipated gaining valuable insights into the realm of market research and insights. I hoped to refine my analytical skills, delve into primary research methodologies, and contribute meaningfully to marketing strategies.


During my internship, I was entrusted with research projects, which included organising and finding data for different university projects regarding the university’s most demanding courses. I also had to conduct competitor data collection to help with further analysis. Analysing competitor university courses and marketing materials was also a significant aspect of my role. Despite encountering challenges, such as data complexity, I navigated through them with determination and resilience.


One memorable experience was when I presented my data visualization reports to my managers which was for the stakeholders, converting data into clear visual reports became one of my strong points. This was done to help improve understanding among the non-technical stakeholders who would be present for the presentation. I achieved this by spearheading data visualisation activities. This ability to effectively communicate ideas visually has proven crucial in promoting a cooperative work atmosphere and efficient team communication among divergent groups of people.

Through hands-on experience with Tableau and Excel, I honed my data analysis and visualization skills. This proficiency empowered me to contribute to data-driven decision-making processes, resulting in enhanced efficiency and productivity within the team. My internship journey has been a motivation for both personal and professional development. It has broadened my perspective, refined my analytical abilities, and solidified my passion for market research and insights. I am grateful for the invaluable lessons learned and the supportive environment that fostered my growth.

My internship at the University of Nottingham’s Market Research and Insight team has been a transformative journey filled with learning, growth, and meaningful experiences. I am excited to carry forward the skills and insights gained into my future career, equipped with a renewed sense of confidence and purpose. To future interns, I recommend embracing every opportunity to learn and grow. Be proactive, seek feedback, and don’t shy away from challenges. Each experience, no matter how small, contributes to your professional journey and shapes your career path.

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