May 1, 2024, by Joe

Kimaya Jadhav – My Experience as a Global Engagement Officer

During the first semester of my second year, I had the opportunity to be a part of the university’s global engagement team as an intern. As an industrial economics student, my previous work experiences were quite different as compared to this internship. So, when I saw that this opportunity was available, I decided to apply so that I could learn more about the department and understand what they do.

As a part of the internship, our team had to undertake a study to assess students’ global mindsets with the diverse student community at the university. This study aimed to help the department better understand student perspectives to help improve experiences on campus. We decided to approach the study by collecting data from students, and then analysing our results to create a presentation for the department.

Being the only student studying industrial economics in a team with three other geography students, I was a bit apprehensive about scheduling meetings and catch-up sessions. However, through consistent and effective communication, we managed to schedule meetings and share information that helped us get the work done in time.

This project required us to collect data from a wide range of students at the university.  Data collection involved setting up tables at two locations: the Portland building on University Park campus and the Exchange building on Jubilee Campus. I took the initiative to create the Google Form from the responses we received, and ensured that the data was corroborated on Excel.

The data collecting process allowed me to interact with numerous students from diverse backgrounds. I made sure to highlight the purpose of the data collection and associated privacy measures. This experience helped me with further developing my communication and interpersonal skills.

Furthermore, I took up the responsibility of drawing up the budget. I made a projected budget of all the expenses that would be incurred throughout the study, in order for it to be approved and receive funds from the department. Making a proposed list of expenses and keeping a track of them on a spreadsheet was a great way to develop my skills on Excel.

At the end of our project, we had to present the findings to the entire department. To ensure that we delivered the results of our project in a professional and appropriate manner, my team made a PowerPoint presentation to have all the information and evidence in one place. This was to give the department a clear understanding of our project and research findings.

Throughout the semester, we received constant guidance and support from the global engagement department. This really helped while brainstorming ideas and taking the necessary steps to carry on the project. We were able to discuss our problems, ideas, and  the direction of the project through frequent teams calls. This supportive environment fostered motivation for us to continue working towards our goals.

This work experience was a great opportunity for me to collaborate with students from a different department. It also allowed me to gain a better understanding of the importance of student opinion, and the ways in which we can measure and use this information to make improvements.

I am very happy that I took the decision of applying for this placement, and I would highly recommend any student who wishes to undertake an interesting project and work with an extremely helpful and supportive team.

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