September 19, 2016, by criticalmoment

Register for the Centre for Critical Theory’s End of Summer School Now!

You won’t want to miss this! The Centre for Critical Theory, in conjunction with the public programme at the Nottingham Contemporary, has organised a second ‘End of Summer School’ to follow on from the success of last year’s events. With these workshops over two days, we continue to invite participation in collaborative explorations of the theme of toxicity, drawing inspiration from Felix Guattari’s notion of ‘Three Ecologies’, but also from the knowledge, experience and practices of those who want to get involved. The aim is partly to galvanize people for some ongoing projects around this theme, but you can come along simply out of curiosity too. The blurb looks like this …

Climate change, imminent financial collapse, a rising tide of racism and political tensions: in an increasingly interdependent, unevenly globalised and intensely divided world, there is an urgent need to track connections between events, detect their impact in the here and now, and respond creatively to them. Building on previous workshops (but open to new participants), this summer school seeks to explore the usefulness of thinking in an expanded ecological framework in order to explore the changing textures of everyday life in Nottingham and its links to a broader set of global processes and tendencies. These summer school sessions will involve participants in developing an active experimentation with different kinds of expertise, forms of analysis, modes of research. What can we learn from other collaborative initiatives, artistic or therapeutic practices and practices of resistance? What counts as part of the ecological fabric of post-industrial urban landscape? 

The sessions are 4-8pm on both days, and you can come to one or both. The programme for Day 1 looks like this, while Day 2 looks like this. So that we can keep control of numbers though, you do need to register either by clicking here for Day 1 or here for Day 2.

I look forward to seeing you there!

(Colin Wright)

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