May 15, 2013, by criticalmoment

‘On Theory’ interviews for the New Left Project

Readers of this blog will be interested in the series of interviews on particular critical theorists one of our current PhD students, Sam Grove, is doing for the New Left Project .  Called simply ‘On Theory’, these interviews represent a valuable attempt to render often obtuse and problematically academic critical theory relevant to, and urgent for, the activist community. 

Several people involved in the Centre for Critical Theory have already contributed, including John Marks on Michel Foucault, Andrew Robinson on Gilles Delueze , Eva Giraud on Donna Haraway, and myself on Alain Badiou. More will no doubt follow.

At the risk of blowing my own trumpet, the interview I have done is the first of two, the second part of which is intended to coincide with the imminent publication of my book, Badiou in Jamaica: The Politics of Conflict, which is coming out with Re.Press under a creative commons licence which means you’ll all be able to get it for free! I’ll be sure to announce that here so watch this space …

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