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Why Hong Kong students should consider studying in mainland China

By Lucy Wong, International Business with Communications Studies. Hong Kong students are known to enroll into top universities across the globe – whether it’s the best universities in the United Kingdom or the Ivy Leagues in the United States of America. Of course, we also have elite local universities such as the Hong Kong University …

My homestay in Tianjin, China

By Jóhanna Magnusardóttir from the Faroe Islands, studying BA International Studies and Chinese. Moving abroad to study is always a big step. Moving to China to take your whole degree is a full-on man-on-the-moon giant leap – or so I thought before actually putting on my figurative space suit and starting my three-year- educational journey. …

Why I chose to study in China

By Emmie Studencki. I knew I wanted to do a masters abroad and I wanted to study in an up-and-coming place, but somewhere with a highly-ranked, English-speaking university. Coming from Sweden where my study is all funded, I knew that if I was going to pay a tuition fee I wanted to have good value …

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Sports day at UNNC

By Ayush Poddar Every year a sports day is held at UNNC to commemorate the spirit of athleticism and this year for the first time international students had their own team to compete alongside other teams made up of undergraduate and postgraduate students. It was a great day in UNNC’s history and, just like the …

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The Spring Festival

By Klara Habartova Second Year Student, BA Contemporary Chinese Studies, The University of Nottingham UK For all Chinese, the Spring Festival (the New Year) is the most look forward to period of the whole year. It is a time when the word ‘together’ gets a new and much deeper meaning. A time when most of …

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Studying English in China: music, food, sights and people

by Katie Angus So this is my final blog post, quite a while after I have left Ningbo to travel Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong and Bali, Indonesia). I finished my exams –okay, my one exam- in late May (fantastically early compared to those back on the UK campus) and began to make the …

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Beijing, the Great Wall and a Global Village: Why I would love to come back

By Katie Angus As things get increasingly more hectic before the end of term, it’s always more difficult to keep on track of what I’ve done and where I’ve been, but since the last post, I’ve visited Beijing and most importantly, seen the Great Wall! Beijing is a great city; where Shanghai has a slick, …

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New to Ningbo? 3 Top Tips

By Tsang Chun Yi, (Chelsea) Hi there! Before giving you 3 tips to kick off your first year at UNNC, I’d like to share my recommendations for travelling in nearby cities. The National Day week in October is a great time for your first visit and I

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International Student Society: Christmas, Thanksgiving and Robin Hood

This year the International Student Society (ISSO) organised two main social events, an annual Christmas dinner and a Thanksgiving dinner. These two events gave us chances to glam up for the evening and the opportunity to enjoy some fantastic food. I understand that any international student might worry about the fact that it is hard …

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Shanghai shines while a waltz waits

By Katie Angus Shanghai is a compelling city. The colourful streets are bustling with street sellers, fruit shops, market stalls and dumpling stands wherever you look and whether it is dawn or dusk it seems the whole city is streaming with shoppers, workers, tourists and locals. It would be a lie to say Shanghai comes alive at night …

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