June 5, 2013, by Student blogger

New to Ningbo? 3 Top Tips

By Tsang Chun Yi, (Chelsea)

Hi there! Before giving you 3 tips to kick off your first year at UNNC, I’d like to share my recommendations for travelling in nearby cities. The National Day week in October is a great time for your first visit and I recommend Xitang (西塘) to be on your list, as well as the famous Hangzhou Xihu. It’s a shame that I’ve only been to these two places throughout this year as there are lots more to explore!

Bear in mind that tourist spots are always crowded during public holidays so weekends and post-exam periods are the best times to go. Map your travel plans with your friends later on and have more fabulous travel experience than mine! You can buy bus or train tickets through the travel agent on the campus High Street, or you can ask your Chinese peers to buy them online saving the service fees. To be honest, it’s all up to you to lead your life here so I don’t need to instruct you much. However, there are still a few tips for your arrival. Chel4

1)       If you come by taxi instead of taking the shuttle bus service, drop yourself at Gate 3 instead of the front gate. This is the ‘student gate’ where all the accommodation and shops are located.

2)      During the registration there will be a sign-up session for activities such as sports games and half-day trips (which are prime opportunities to make friends with other International Students), so you’d better put it in your diary!

3)      You may buy some necessities for your first week here at stores on campus, but you could also take a short taxi ride (10 minutes) to Wanda Square or the brand new mall InCity. You’ll find Walmart, VanGuard, Zara, H&M, UNIQLO, GAP, B&Q amongst many other international shops and restaurants. IKEA will also open this summer in Ningbo!

I wish you all the best and perhaps meeting you in person during the Fresher’s Week.  Always feel free to ask questions. Cheers!

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