December 20, 2013, by Student blogger

Sports day at UNNC

By Ayush Poddar

Every year a sports day is held at UNNC to commemorate the spirit of athleticism and this year for the first time international students had their own team to compete alongside other teams made up of undergraduate and postgraduate students.

It was a great day in UNNC’s history and, just like the Olympic Games, the event had a formal opening and closing ceremony with Julie Sanders, vice-provost for teaching and learning at UNNC, attending.

Julie Sanders attends the UNNC sports day

All the participants at the event achieved great success – more than 200 athletes competed in about 10 different sports events and athletic challenges. The international students’ team took part in the Men’s 100 meters, Men’s 200 meters, Men’s 400 meters, Men’s 800 meters, Men’s 3000 meters, and Men’s 4 X 100 meters. Along with the races there were events like shot put and long jump as well.

UNNC sports day long jump

Some students with phenomenal athletic abilities came forth and shone brightly. Anthony Somian won the Men’s 200 meters along with the Men’s 4 X 100 meters and the long jump. Ali Masood came second in the Men’s 200 meters and Men’s 4 X 100 meters. Both of them broke several university records. Simon Ezeji won the Men’s 4 X 100 meters race, while Eetu Ohtonen was placed third in shot-put. Eoin Crowley, who came second in the Men’s 800 meters, was also a contributor to the international team’s success, Mohammed Rasood placed second in the 3000m event.

UNNC sports day 100 metres

Shot put at UNNC

As a result of the hard work of each of these athletes, the international team was blessed enough to be placed the second best team overall and as the closing ceremony drew to a close, it left a mark on all those who witnessed the event with the solemn promise that the following year would be even better.

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