August 29, 2012, by MinYoung You

6 Restaurants You Must Try In Ningbo

As the new semester’s approaching quickly, one big question is the “eating situation” in China. So, today I’m going to talk about 6 great restaurants in Ningbo! All of these restaurants have delicious food and I’ll explain my favorite reason for going to each restaurant!

1. Grandma’s Kitchen (Chinese)

When you see the menu from Grandma’s kitchen, you will realize that they have a very wide variety of food selections with great pictures. They have such good food that I feel like I’m having a feast every time I eat there but I get even happier when I see the receipt because the price is incredibly reasonable!

2. Shundoufu (Korean) 

Shundoufu is run by a Korean couple from California, and they sure know how to do business! Great food, great service and great prices. I took my foreign friends a couple of times and they liked it very much too. This restaurant isn’t in our familiar route, so show this address to the taxi driver! 宁波市江东区宋家巷120-1号 (Phone: 574 8911 7611)

3. Amore’s (Italian)

Amore’s is good for birthday dinners and romantic dates as they have ‘the’ atmosphere!

4. Zorba’s (Greek)

Zorba’s make the Ningbo’s best kebabs. When I go out in Lao Waitan, Zorba’s kebab is like a must eat for a late-night snack. I swear they put some secret ingredient into that sauce…sooooo addictive!

5. Picanha BBQ (Brazilian)

If you like meat, Picanha Brazilian BBQ is the place for you. Non-stop meat buffet for 128RMB!

6. Teppan Yaki (Japanese)

The Chief cooks right in front of you the whole time at Teppan Yaki, and it’s quite intriguing to watch his skills. Not to mention the food itself is delicious!

All these restaurants are about 20-30 minutes by taxi from campus but can be found easily on the Internet and current students are familiar with these places, so just ask! You won’t be starved in China, don’t worry and see you all very soon!

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