August 24, 2012, by Ayush Poddar

‘My life. My choice. My university.’


Hello everyone, I am Ayush Poddar studying at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China, majoring in Finance Accounting Management (FAM). I began my life here in year two as I was directly admitted on the basis of my grades. I love to do different things in life and that’s how I ended up coming to this University. Before you start thinking, where is this boy from – Malaysia, Indonesia, and Pakistan or somewhere from Middle Asia let me tell you I am coming from a country of different cultures and religions – The Incredible India!!

Well it’s been a year now and I am just in love with this Multi-cultured environment of the University. My story started in 2010 when I thought of studying abroad. Initially I wanted to go to the United Kingdom, so I started looking up websites of different universities, and that is when I found the University of Nottingham. Exploring the web pages I was quite amazed to see that a campus in China actually existed. I was so pleased to see the website of the China campus that the first thing I did was download the prospectus. I got to know that the classes would be in English, in fact it would actually be a British Education in China. I started getting even more excited, dreaming about how life would be studying in China! Many people go to the US, UK, Singapore and Australia to study, but not many Indians go to China. I remember my friends telling me, “Ayush, you crazy to go to China for education!” But today I believe I made the right decision as it’s something quite different from what the others did. In addition to this, studying in a multicultural environment I also got to learn different languages: I believe that the exposure that we get in this part of the world is extra ordinary. That bold step a year ago made me more confident about my life in China. This is one place where you don’t need to look for opportunities; they come and find you themselves: all you need to do is grasp them.

Thanks for reading guys! I’ll be back soon…

Ayush x

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