August 18, 2012, by Anastassiya Chshegreneva

My Thai

Hello readers!

Hope you’re enjoying your summer 🙂 It’s been a while since I wrote here. The reason is, I was having a great time in Thailand, Koh-Samui island. I’ve been there 5 times already, however and every time I go there I find something new and I’m flabbergasted! This time wasn’t an exception as, once I got there everything seemed new to me but only one thing always remains the same: friendly Thai people giving you a very warm smile! That’s why Thailand is also called “The land of smiles”.



Even I was smiling all the time, I decided to schedule out every day of my stay in Koh – Samui. So many ideas, loads of unexplored places! Amazing =) That’s the spirit I thought. The first place which I chose to visit was the Big Buddha temple. This temple is located on an artificial island surrounded by a  fisherman village where I found a spectacular place to have a   barbecue with the sea view. I happened to have a very convenient seat so that I took quite nice shot of Big Buddha, here it is:

Big Buddha


Temples, parks, hills – all of them are absolutely  gorgeous, nevertheless in my humble opinion, Samui is worth visiting for its white  sandy beaches, its beautiful scenery, and the weather is much better than in Ningbo: at least it’s not that exceedingly hot! Just imagine you are lying on the beach, drinking coconut milk, with dangling palm leafs waving above your head…marvelous, isn’t it? =)

Samui paradise resort


Finally I would like to share some useful info with you guys! If you’re planning to visit Koh – Samui the best place to stay is Chaweng or Chaweng noi bays. Chaweng is the center of the island and you will find an overwhelming amount of pubs, bars,and shops there! The best club in Koh – Samui is “Green mango” located in the heart of chaweng bay. There are many other places to visit so get yourself an island map in the hotel where you’re staying. Maps and guidelines are free in every single hotel! And if you want to save more money don’t take a cab all the time, just rent a car! It’s much cheaper and more convenient, oh and it’s more fun as well =)

the main street

Well, I must say it was an unforgetable holiday though! Samui I’m coming back next year! 😉

Enjoy your summer,

Anastassiya Chshegreneva (Sia)

UNNC student.

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