August 15, 2012, by MinYoung You

My Summer Internship – Baylor i5 Program

The best thing that happened to me this summer was participating in Baylor i5 program. First, take a look at the photo of 2012 participants’ glorious faces!

Our interns have diverse backgrounds in both majors and nationalities. This group was divided into six teams with different projects. And these projects were serious stuff – it was about real world impact for real world companies. The internship took place in Hong Kong, Ningbo, and Beijing.

So what did we do? We researched markets, studied trends, calculated numbers, interviewed customers, and then discovered ways to revolutionize. Also, we had five experienced academics from Baylor University (Texas, USA) to supervise us when faced with challenges.

The internship wasn’t just limited to work 24/7; it was a good balance of consulting with companies, attending workshops and traveling around China. Personally, one of the most memorable moments was visiting the Burberry Hong Kong office. We had the privilege of learning Burberry’s innovative movement from seven senior level presenters and their passions blew. my. mind. away.

We worked hard during weekdays and made sure to hit tourist spots on the weekends! Above, picture were taken at the great wall of China in Beijing.

The internship ended on August 1st with a presentation at Beijing CCTV media center and a 100 page length report.

I’ve gained a lot from this experience: I’ve learned specialized knowledge that international companies are looking for and how to understand my strength and weakness much more clearly. But more importantly I’ve made new friendships; friends from all over the world and the loving professors have influenced my outlook on life for the better. I feel truly blessed to have had this experience and I’m planning to visit Texas someday to see them again!

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