July 27, 2012, by MinYoung You

All You Ever Needed To Know About Dorms

One of my biggest questions before coming to China was about the “living situation”. Although I had a general idea of what my dorm room at UNNC may look like, I couldn’t find many pictures on how it “actually” looks like. Now I’ve lived here for nearly a year, and I sure know how it looks! However, I’ve been getting the same enquiries from the September newcomers. So, here it goes!

I’m living in International residence hall, building 11. These room costs 12,000rmb a year and you are charged extra for electricity/hot/cold water according to your use. This room contains pretty much what you see from above picture except my MacBook!

You can get your room cleaned (bed sheets changed, bins emptied, floor cleaned) once every two weeks. Also, the room has AC/heater: It does a pretty good job for the different seasons!

I wash, do make-up, and sometimes cook in this space. I bought a hot plate to cook simple food like scrambled eggs or ramen noodles. However in reality, I hardly cook and I probably should be using that more than I have been. I’ll cover the “eating situation” in upcoming post!

I bought myself a big refrigerator as soon as I got to China. You can rent it for 300rmb from the dorm about half the size though so if you are planning to stay here for one semester or a year then that is a good option. Also each floor has a kitchen with two refrigerators so if you don’t mind risking your food getting eaten by hungry students, why not!

I rented the water dispenser from one of the shops on campus. It is 14RMB for the refill; the water guy is super friendly. So get that to stay hydrated!

Washing clothes, one of my favorite activities ever- oh I just love it! Let me tell you how it’s done in this dorm. There are two ways of doing this: 1) Washing (4rmb) and Drying (1rmb/20min) on first floor laundry room; 2) Take it to the shop on campus (40~50rmb/bucket); I’ve tried different ways but washing it downstairs and hang it in my room worked the best for me. My smarty friend, Alice taught me a little trick on drying. Look! This works every time.

So, I hope these pictures/explanations helped some of you who were wondering the same. Overall, I like living in this dorm. The only down side of it is that I don’t feel that I’m surrounded by a Chinese speaking environment as it is solely for International students. I’m actually considering moving in to a Chinese dorm next semester just to be submerged in the language and learn more! Haha that will be another adventure…and if I do, I’ll make sure to share!

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