September 4, 2012, by Anastassiya Chshegreneva

My favourite places in Ningbo city

Hello readers! Hope you all had a great summer, and are now ready for a new term!

I got the idea about my new entry quite a while ago. Answering the questions asked by prospective students, I realised that general information about Ningbo is not enough: every student would like to know more specific destinations which you won’t find in a ‘Ningbo guide’ or ‘taxi book’. So I decided to make a list of my favourite places in Ningbo, and share it with you guys. However, as one proverb says: “Many men, many minds” I can’t insist that you definitely will like the places that I chose, but let’s see 😉

If you have just arrived in Ningbo and are wondering where to try proper Chinese cuisine without spending a crazy amount of money, I would advise you go to ‘Dongbei’ restaurant. I love this place for its simple, home cooked Chinese dishes, and of course reasonable prices. By the way ‘Dongbei’ is located in ‘Sunday plaza’, which is only 10 minutes from UNNC campus.




Talking about Sunday plaza, there is another small restaurant, which I probably love the most: ‘Don papa’. This is an Italian cafe, which is not big, but very cozy and you can play table football or darts while waiting for your order. Prices are a bit dearer than at ‘Dongbey’ but it’s no wonder as foreign restaurants are always more expensive in China. Every time at ‘Don papa’ I wish I could try everything from the menu 🙂 The food there is really really tasty! I would recomend you try the lasagna and ice cream soda. I think it’s they’re delicious!

'Don papa'


As you already know, summer in Ningbo is pretty hot! So if You don’t want to melt from the heat I would recommend a visit  to the Haagen  Dazs cafe. You will find it at Heyi Avenue, which is a beautiful, posh district of Ningbo city. The ice cream at Haagen  Dazs looks like a master piece, I’m not kidding! Take a look:

Guys be ready as places at Heyi Avenue are not cheap 🙁 Nevertheless, everything is very delicious.

Moving on, and the next destination at Heyi Avenue is ‘Pizza Pino’. To be very honest I’m crazy about Italian cuisine, but I suppose you noticed that already 😉 This place is worth trying for its pizza Margarita and fries. I wish I had a cast iron stomach because pizzas there are quite big, and finishing the whole dish by yourself is rather impossible.


If you fancy going shopping then Tianyi square might be the right place to go, it’s pleasant, but sometimes crowded and it offers loads of shops like Zara, H&M, Escada and others. Also you will find a very nice cafe there: ‘Sugar Plate’. Make sure that you try the sandwiches and ice peach tea there 😉

Brunch menu


Well even without buying anything Tianyi might be the right choice for romantic walk or just the usual meeting with friends. In my opinion in the evening it becomes really incredible!

Tianyi at night

Ok guys, hope you will try some places out ! Enjoy yourself, and have a great beginning of the new academic year! 😉

Good luck,

Anastassiya Chshegreneva (Sia)

UNNC student.

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