January 28, 2014, by Liam Ross

An Introduction to Campus Cam

Hello! I’m Liam, I work in the Digital Communications team. I’m a 2013 graduate from Nottingham in English and History. I did a placement with the Digital Team via the School of English’s ‘Embedding Employability in English‘ initiative and was then offered a position as a Digital Communications Assistant after I graduated!

Campus Cam: The Beginning

Digital Communication involves some of the things you see online from the University – basically everything on this page. We also produce and support production of video content to do with marketing, communications and recruitment around the University, but as we’re only a small team, there isn’t always time to get around to everyone.

The Digital Team’s Graduate Trainee, Matt Pitt, first tackled this issue by exploring video production with iPad Minis and branding it ‘Campus Cam‘. It’s surprisingly easy to make good looking video content with little to no experience, and part of my job is helping colleagues around the University who are looking to film and edit using iPads!

An example of the Campus Cam style – A less polished and more informal approach but perfect for telling a great story about the student experience.

The Future of Campus Cam

My main role this year will be managing the new Student Video Team, who will be focusing on documenting the student experience here at Nottingham. Who best to create student-focussed content than students themselves? It’ll be a really good opportunity for our team members to get some solid video experience for their CVs, and to create some great content for our students and those outside the University to watch and enjoy!

Look out for future blog posts where we’ll be introducing the members of the team, and showing off their one minute video applications which we thought were fantastic!

Meet the Team

You can meet the members of the Student Video Team on this blog. As a quick summary, Charlie, Chrystal, Dylan, Iain, and Izzy make up the main student team. Rachel handles our Sutton Bonington campus, Lydia documents KTP partnerships and James pops in every now and then to do some great freelance work for us.

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