January 27, 2014, by Liam Ross

Meet the Team: Dylan

“Hi, my name is Dylan Robson, and I’m a first year student, studying Physics with Astronomy. My main interests are Physics, and film making (and anything film related in general). I’m also a keen cook, having to rely on my own abilities to cook a vegan meal, because vegan ready meals just really aren’t that easy to come by.

I got involved with student video team, because it allowed me to combine my two main passions and letting me show everyone else how amazing science can be.

The idea behind my video came about because, while I hadn’t been in university very long, I had already drunk more tea than I could have thought possible, so what better way to show the university experience than centre around that beautiful drink that is tea.”

We really enjoyed Dylan’s video – it was different and surprising, and the pun at the end was too good to ignore. There’s also some clever thought and planning behind the filming, creating a simple and charming summary on the student experience!

Dylan is our representative for the Science faculty, so we’re hoping for some great content on what it’s like to study a degree in Science!

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