January 28, 2014, by Liam Ross

Meet the Team: James

‘Hello! I’m James, A first year Zoology student. I’m working freelance for the team, which means I am not assigned a specific faculty or campus. Instead I get the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects, from ‘Informational videos for International students’ to ‘Videos about general life as a University of Nottingham student.’ It’s such a great opportunity to be actively involved in the Media life of the university, especially having only arrived in September!

We really enjoyed the range and quality of shots James demonstrated in his application video – particularly the book being taken off the shelf from the other side, and the sliding shot of the three girls on the bed at the end, which I believe he did with an office chair! We thought it was a great summary of a student’s day that we asked him to extend the video for use in the 2015 Undergraduate prospectus – so look out for that!

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