January 27, 2014, by Liam Ross

Meet the Team: Izzy

“Hiya, my name’s Izzy and I’m a second year Geography undergraduate (or as I get constantly told, I study Advanced Colouring-In). I got involved with the Student Video Team as I love all aspects of film production. Alongside this, I’m part of the Karate and Skydiving societies and aspire to work in a combination of film and conservation work. My application video is meant to represent the so-called perfect student experience, contrasted against my own student experience – which I think is even better!”

Izzy is our Social Sciences faculty representative in the Student Video Team. We really enjoyed her video as we weren’t expecting the switch between the ‘ideal’ day and a ‘real’ day. The planning and storyboarding behind the video is great and we loved the brief shots of student life in the second half of the video!

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