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March 18, 2020, by Sean May

Be your self, your whole self.

Today (18th March) is My Whole Self Day (MHFA England) .
Coincidentally, do you remember that we had a photo shoot at the Xmas meal (and after)?
This was to make as many people on campus (as possible) an active part in a community poster.

Be Your Self (BYS)

This poster (with lots of your faces on), has now been released all over campus.
If you were (t)here (!), you would see that they are near A32 Charnwood Room, Peter Buttery Lab foyer, lecture block foyer, gateway bldg foyer and food sciences foyer.  There is one more yet to be displayed in The Barn.
Thanks so much to the BYS production team: Dawn Beatson, Emma Weston, Laura Holt, Samantha Darby, & Steve (Qingqi) Wang. Great job !
Be Your Self Poster

Be Your Self Poster – closeup

One community

This theme of being your self and ‘bringing your self to work‘ is important, even if work is now at home.
In 2020 you shouldn’t have to leave parts of your identity – whether cultural, ethnic background, sexuality, or health – at the door when you get to work (physically OR remotely). This is an easy thing for many people – but by no means all.
Most of us are happy to talk about ourselves if we feel that we will be listened to and accepted. Some people might also want to be defined by something about them that simply isn’t obvious, or might not be the thing that most people first notice, or assume about them.
That can take a little more work on both sides and requires mutual empathy and respect – especially in difficult times.
When you are empowered to be your ‘whole self’ with your work colleagues you can build deeper and more informed connections. This helps all of us to be more understanding of everyone.
The previously ‘unusual’ turns out to be just a normal part of our local diversity – so we work better together.

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