April 17, 2014, by Katharine Adeney

Director’s thoughts

It’s been a great few months with IAPS.  We’ve had some fantastic speakers at our seminar series, from issues as diverse as ‘extraordinary rendition’, the ‘developmental state in east Asia’ to ‘nation building in Vietnam’.  Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to come and speak, but also to the audience who have asked some really thought provoking questions.

Our Indian election blog has received a lot of traffic and it’s been fantastic to hear how well it’s been received by academics and journalists alike.  People are queuing up (almost literally) to post their reflections on the campaign and the issues and although it’s been a lot of work, it’s definitely been worthwhile.  Watch out for some more great posts after the Easter break (we’re back on the 22nd April).  We will build on the blog with a workshop event on the Indian elections on the 3rd July 2014 and we will post more information on the agenda for the day when we’ve finalised the line up.

After Easter we will also finalise the agenda for our first tri campus workshop on Identity and Recognition which will be held on the 27th-28th August 2014 on the Nottingham UK campus.

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