September 26, 2016, by Will Leveritt

Mint Imperials – new student-created display

Text by Mat Gething

A few moons ago Dr Will Leveritt asked for volunteers to help display some coins in the DHC as part of the “Mint Imperials” project. Laura Frosdick and I were all too eager to help out. After a few post exam meetings and a little bit of design and craft we have finally delivered a small display which hopefully shows off some of the really interesting coins which we are working with as part of the Mint Imperials project.


We used some dressmaking pins glued into finely drilled holes on Perspex sign holders to create two transparent displays, each capable of holding and showing off four coins which we selected. The displays are lettered with a key available to make individual coin identification simple for the uninitiated numismatist (such as myself). The style of the display also makes it much easier for us to switch coins around and keep the display fresh.

The coins currently on display are mainly from period of Late Antiquity,  but there is a fine silver antoninianus of Gordian III (made emperor at thirteen!) and a bronze coin of the infamous Caligula.

It was really enjoyable and a privilege to be involved in something new, and it is nice to see our work exhibiting the coins looking good. I would encourage anyone to come to the DHC and appreciate the coins on display. Ask for the cabinet light to be switched on for the best effect; there is also a magnifying screen stored next to the cabinet to help provide a close up of some of the incredible art work visible onto the coins.

If you do decide to come and have a look, I hope you enjoy the display as much as we enjoyed making it.

Note: if you are a student at UoN and you want to be part of the Mint Imperials project, please contact Dr Will Leveritt (

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