April 6, 2017, by Grace S

University: a time for change

Coming to university is a massive change in your life and in that, a perfect opportunity to try something new that you may have potentially never heard of let alone done before.

When I first came to Nottingham at the beginning of last year I was determined to stay in my comfort zone and stick to a sport I knew I loved and clubs that directly fell into my interests. However, now I regret not trying as many things as possible during Welcome Week. It is a brilliant time where all the clubs and sports put on taster sessions for free and you can go to as many as you can fit in. So with this in mind, at the beginning of this academic year I was determined to try at least a new sport.

For me this had led to me playing my favourite sport in the world, Women’s Flag American Football … yeah I had never heard of it either. It is the same general idea as normal American Football but non-contact and played more like Tag Rugby. It is a brilliant sport and now I can’t imagine not doing it.

Here are three clubs/teams that are probably something you will have never thought of doing at university (but you should totally try out):

  1. FlairSoc – a society about flair bartending so you can learn how to do all the flips and spins that bartenders do when they are making cocktails that look so impressive.
  2. NerfSoc – a society, in their own words, ‘all about having a laugh with Nerf Guns’. Every week they host some sort of game like Capture the Flag or a quick draw competition. An amazing way to de-stress.
  3. Quidditch and Harry Potter Society – yes, this is a thing. Quidditch is a full contact sport that is a sort of mix between rugby and dodgeball and is now played on a national level with over 300 teams worldwide. Perfect if you like Harry Potter and want to try a new sport!

So whether it is trying a new sport you have never heard of or trying someone you have always wanted to do, university is the best time to give it a go and the University of Nottingham has plenty of teams and societies for you to try.

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