July 4, 2018, by Guest Blogger

When plan B pays off – Honor’s story

In the run up to results day I was anxious, but I was also very good at pushing that worry to the back of my mind. I knew there was a high possibility that I hadn’t gotten the grades I needed … yet I did my best to ignore everything about results day and almost went out of my way not to think about what would happen if things didn’t go to plan.

So, when results day came around, and I found myself definitely not doing medicine and not really liking my insurance choice of pharmacy, I went into a little bit of a panic.

My first thought was to take a gap year – do some travelling and find myself in Asia sort of thing. But I wasn’t really happy with that option. Deep down I knew I was trying to put off making a decision about what to do and would probably spend the year pushing my worries to the back of my mind.

Luckily, I had many people around me offering advice and support. I spoke to my parents, my sister, as well as career advisors and teachers at my college. Together, we came to the decision that biology was the course for me.

Then the researching started.

I went into Clearing and began looking through possible options on the website. There were many, many results for biology, but, with the help of some search filters, I narrowed my choice down to just a few universities. I quickly realised that the only place I really wanted to go was Nottingham.

So that was that!

I called up the UoN Clearing number and spoke to a woman who secured my place. In a conversation lasting a few minutes, I’d gained a place at university!

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t completely satisfied for a while after results day – it takes time to adjust to a plan B – but I also wasn’t as upset as I had anticipated. I was excited for university, happy with my course and knew that I had many options in the future.

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